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Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th Birthday Ball


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to our BBS Community!  Thank you for supporting the British Benevolent Society (BBS) throughout 2015 and thank you for your renewed membership for 2016.

I am delighted to introduce myself as BBS’s first Executive Director with the aim to expand our membership and better serve our community.

As you know the BBS plays a unique role in the British community here, serving British citizens who are transient or living in California and neighboring States.  Over the last 150 years BBS has built a huge solidarity chain of British citizens and anglophiles made up of members through which we mobilize resources to bring support to those in need.   This support ranges from providing financial support to victims of accidents, crimes or other unfortunate circumstances to creating events that build our BBS community.

In 2016 we hope to build this community considerably, increasing membership, volunteer activities and establishing a vibrant network of individuals supporting our mission.  We want to increase the number of donors in order to expand our capacity to carry out our work.

You are a generous member of BBS and I would love to hear from you.  Please email me directly and set up a time we can talk or meet to give your thoughts on how we can support our community further.  We are eager to work with all our members to turn our vision of a just and compassionate community where everyone thrives.

We are preparing upcoming events for this new year including monthly BBS networking breakfasts which will take place at our offices in San Francisco (555 California, Suite 4925), meet ups, pub quizz’ and, of course one of the most expected events of the Year: Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration to take place on Saturday June 11th at the Fairmont: Save the date!  More details to follow.

Stay tuned for more in the coming months on our work—including blogs, events, and more.

Please consider making a donation to the BBS by clicking here

Please consider volunteering and contact us to arrange a meeting.  Please  renew your membership and encourage your friends to join.  We need your continued support for BBS’s important work.

A strong membership will insure a strong community that BBS promises to nurture.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you all

Best wishes



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British Consul General

The British Consul General, Priya Guha –The British Benevolent Society enjoys a close relationship with the British Consulate General Office in San Francisco.

A letter from the British Consul General

“As the British Consul General in San Francisco, I would like to thank the British Benevolent Society (BBS) for all its valuable work in assisting British Nationals in the region.

Ever since its creation in 1858, the BBS has maintained a close working relationship with the British Consulate-General. In my time in San Francisco, I have seen at first hand the excellent work and relief that this charity can deliver.

The dedicated individuals at BBS give their time and support to assist British Nationals in distress, whether it’s in a personal crisis or during a larger-scale disaster.

Nobody ever imagines something will go wrong when they are far from home, but when the unexpected does happen and British Nationals find themselves at their most vulnerable and have exhausted all other options, BBS will be a source of support.

We are very proud to partner with the British Benevolent Society and really appreciate all its efforts in support of the UK.”

Priya Guha
British Consul General
San Francisco, CA

Help and a New Passport

Currently we are helping a British lady in the Bay Area apply for a new passport and return to Scotland. She has lived in the US for over 20 years, had a car accident which left her unable to work and after being admitted to hospital with severe respiratory problems due to sub-standard living conditions she approached the Consulate for help. We have funded her passport renewal application as well as helped her with living expenses and hope to have her home by mid summer.

Vulnerable gentleman, ill and exploited

We were approached by a concerned social worker in the Santa Cruz area who made us aware of a middle aged British man who had suffered a debilitating stroke and was being cared for in a home funded by various non-profits. It came to light he was already mentally disabled when he arrived (legally) in the U.S. and had obviously been an easy target for fraud and theft as upon investigation the social worker ascertained his Green Card was a fake and he was therefore living in the US illegally. There was some urgency to get him home to his family as obviously he was not entitled to benefits and services provided to legal US residents. We worked with the social worker to get him his paperwork in order, a flight home and some modest financial aid. He is now back in the UK under the care of his family.