The British Consul General, Priya Guha –The British Benevolent Society enjoys a close relationship with the British Consulate General Office in San Francisco.

A letter from the British Consul General

“As the British Consul General in San Francisco, I would like to thank the British Benevolent Society (BBS) for all its valuable work in assisting British Nationals in the region.

Ever since its creation in 1858, the BBS has maintained a close working relationship with the British Consulate-General. In my time in San Francisco, I have seen at first hand the excellent work and relief that this charity can deliver.

The dedicated individuals at BBS give their time and support to assist British Nationals in distress, whether it’s in a personal crisis or during a larger-scale disaster.

Nobody ever imagines something will go wrong when they are far from home, but when the unexpected does happen and British Nationals find themselves at their most vulnerable and have exhausted all other options, BBS will be a source of support.

We are very proud to partner with the British Benevolent Society and really appreciate all its efforts in support of the UK.”

Priya Guha
British Consul General
San Francisco, CA